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Underground Pipeline & Utility Markers

Underground Pipeline MarkersUnderground pipeline markers are an effective means of locating underground gas and water pipes. Markers can be damaged by the abusive nature of construction sites, the weather and direct sunlight. As a result, these pipeline markers lose their protective purpose as a warning system.

Energy Control Systems has a better solution. Our proprietary process features UV resistant lettering sealed with a high build urethane coating directly printed on high-density polyethylene. Our underground pipeline and utility markers are designed to be weatherproof, durable, maintenance-free high visibility warning systems for identifying underground:

  • Gas Pipelines
  • Petroleum Pipelines
  • Water Pipelines
  • Chemical Pipelines
  • Sewage Pipelines
  • Telephone Cables
  • Electric Cables
  • Television Cables

All of ECSI’s underground pipeline markers are made from high-density polyethylene with anti-oxidant and ultraviolet inhibitors. The 3-1/2” diameter design provides 360° visibility and eliminates the potential for “wind whip” which can be an issue with flat markers. Our design prevents major damage to vehicles or equipment if accidentally run over. Our markers can be fitted with test terminal stations and Cross anchor bars are available when the markers are used in loose soil areas.

Our underground pipeline markers are available in white, yellow, orange, green or red.
Other additional colors are available upon request.

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