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ECSI-VENT TM- Alert System

The ECSI-VENTTM is a transition style service riser for extra peace of mind for homeowners everywhere. This alert system detects existing gas leaks alongleaks along the service line in the vicinity of your home, reducing your risk and exposure to unwanted fuel gas accumulation.

Coupling or stab joints can leak if improperly installed causing leaks along gas mains that can migrate towards service lines. When gas builds up, explosions can occur. Gas lines running under concrete leave no room for safe ventilation of migrating gas into the atmosphere, instead forcing it to be released once it reaches your house. The ECSI-Vent system is specifically designed to alert you of an EXISTING gas leak and does not create or enhance leaks in any way. It is available with a rigid or flexible casing.

How the ECSI-VENT Works

The ECSI-VENT riser provides simple leak detection by:

  • The homeowner (odor)
  • A routine utility “sniff” under the riser head
  • The use of a bridging sleeve is recommended:
  • Shields the underground end of the riser from backfill
  • Protects the coupling from stresses associated with axial misalignment

Product Design

  • Field proven "transition head" design identical to the design used on our non-vented risers.
  • Rigid, flexible or "hybrid" protective casings.
  • The unique factory made connection between the riser head and the protective casing provides the venting.
  • Multiple venting ports that are safely protected from the weather and from infiltration by insects.


  • No special tools needed
  • No special training required
  • ECSI-VENT is installed just like any standard riser


  • Utility preferred transition style technology
  • Multiple venting ports allowing fugitive gases to escape safely to atmosphere
  • Eliminates the buildup of dangerous fuel gas at the base of the riser in the vicinity of a structure
  • Safely vents minor leaks and identifies elevated flow rate leaks
  • Cost is nearly identical to a standard, non-vented riser…
  • With an additional margin of safety!
  • Peace of mind for a homeowner at little or no added cost!
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